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  • I joined/co-founded a new band! The Vain Travail! We have a debut EP (All is quiet) on Spotify, beautiful videos on youtube, and a full length concept album coming your way in Nove

  • Hi! It’s been a while, but it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything… I joined a beautiful new band, called The Vain Travail, about whom I’ll be tel

  •   Suddenly I recorded an EP, totally different from my previous solo stuff. Working title “dances”. Expect to hear influences like early Joe Jackson, Weezer, Becca

  • I was invited by German duo/band Joco to support them on their German tour! That is so cool! And they are very cool too, check them out on !

  • I took part in the Dune Sessions. A brilliant project. Me and 12 other musicians were locked up in a house for a weekend, to record each other’s favorite or most appropriate

  • In January, at the invitation of musical fellow Julie Scott and her husband, Peek Hijmans, I participated in the Dune Sessions. With 13 top musicians and their significant others I

  • It’s not been like I’ve been sitting still in 2017. In january I took part in the Dune Sessions. It was awesome, I’ll write more about it in a separate post. In f

  •   …But I’m back, sort of. I took a year off to get my master’s degree in teaching philosophy, and to work out some personal stuff (call it a writer’s b

  • I’ve been Arthur Adam for ten years this year. To celebrate my ten-year existence as Arthur Adam I will re-release my “album zero” Shhh. It’s a quiet conceptual mini-album, 8 songs

  • 2015 Arthur Adam – “The future’s bright and deadly” Releaseparty @ Planet of Sound Arthur Adam: keys, guitar, bass Dorien ten Cate-Buddeke: flute Stefan Sch

  • 2015 Jeff Buckley Undercoversessie – ‘Grace’ @ Roepaen Podium Vedran Mircetic, Arthur Adam, Dirk Schreuders, Bauke Bakker Live music filmed by Paul van Druten wit