Arthur Adam | About
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About Arthur Adam

Arthur Adam makes music out of deep personal need/urge.

He whispers, hums, shouts, amazes. Has his own musical universe. Roughly between Radiohead and Jeff Buckley, between Satie and Coltrane, between Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco and Joni Mitchell. Makes occasional pop songs, sometimes an a cappella jazz piece, then a mini rock opera, but mostly just intriguing melancholic music to take a good listen to. Songs are available on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, everywhere.

When he performs Arthur aims for the being-in-the-moment, recreating the song on the spot. Therefore he often plays with eyes closed, in order to dissolve in/into the song. Arthur has a beautiful voice with a range of three and a half octaves and is not afraid to use it. He accompanies himself on guitar, or bass guitar, or keys, but mostly on his Excalibur: a 1963 Gibson ES120T. As a true multi-instrumentalist, on his own albums he usually plays all instruments himself.

He released 4 solo albums, all of which got great reviews, regularly stating that Arthur would be one of the best Dutch songwriters never to have had a big breakthrough, and praising his voice and his wayward musical approach. Still, Arthur performed on national television a few times, more than 50 times on national radio, performed at major festivals and scored an Album of the Week on MySpace Benelux and 3voor12 (Hollands leading indie website) and a Single of the Week on iTunes Benelux.

Besides that he toured with various other bands, playing abroad and on big festivals, in different roles: lead guitarist, drummer, bass player, and many more, for the likes of Marike Jager, Joep Pelt, Mist, DialogueDance (Russian Dance theatre group) and many more.

Arthur likes performing on his own.
But recently he started a project with the drummer from the Arthur Adam band (2012-2015), Stefan Schneider: AASS. AASS is a celebration of freedom in music: Sometimes they deconstruct existing Arthur Adam songs, sometimes they create new material from thin air, somewhere between jazz and post-rock.

Other musical stuff Arthur Adam does or did:
-baritone guitar, vocals and composition with Russian dance/theater group DialogueDance (2014), 28 shows in Moscow
-guitar and keys with Tim van Doorn and the Main Attraction (2014)
-drums with Drum Boy Attila (2014-2015)
-guitar and bass with Minus The Tiger (2011-2013), signed by V2 Benelux, toured Canada (Canadian Music Fest) and Russia
-lead guitar with Marike Jager (2009), played major Dutch festivals like Zwarte Cross, Vierdaagsefeesten
-bass guitar and keys with Joep Pelt (2002-2009), played festivals like North Sea Jazz and Southern Blues Night, venues like Paradiso and Bimhuis,
-guitar and keys with Mist (2004-2007), toured Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Spain, and played the Berlin Popkomm in 2004 and 2005.
-founder and manager of the Twents Songschrijvers Gilde, a Guild/network/booking agency of singer-songwriters in the Twente region in the Netherlands (2012 till now)
-founder and manager of BandBus Records (2014-now)