Arthur Adam | About
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About Arthur Adam

Arthur Adam makes music out of deep personal need/urge.

About Arthur Adam (Enschede, The Netherlands, 1980):
A singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, that has a reputation for being talented, stubborn and unmarketable. He has released 4 albums and 4 EP’s with repertoire ranging from punk-pop-with-prog-rhythms, a capella jazz pop, soundscapes, rock, indie pop, and delicate small songs (like on his new Other life forms).

But he’s not totally unpredictable: his songs are well-crafted, melancholy, übermelodic and avoiding as much clichés as possible. His lyrics tend to be contemplative, and his voice has been compared to heroes like Jeff Buckley, Freddie Mercury and Thom Yorke. And in the tradition of heroes like Stevie Wonder, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver he usually plays most of the instruments on his records himself.

Besides that he toured with various other bands, playing abroad and on big festivals, in different roles: lead guitarist, drummer, bass player, and many more, for the likes of Marike Jager, Joep Pelt, Mist, DialogueDance (Russian Dance theatre group), MTT/Minus The Tiger, Tim van Doorn, and many more.

Now he is in two bands, apart from his solo project.

The Vain Travail is a pop noir music collective from The Netherlands, whose members are top Dutch session musicians. They started in 2018, and never rehearsed since: it’s all about writing and arranging beautiful songs, and they do so from their home studios. Main theme: derealization. Eerily appropriate these years. They released their debut EP last April, and will release their debut album in November. File under: timeless melancholy music, Radiohead, Wilco, Elbow, Patrick Watson, Thomas Dybdahl, Bon Iver.

AASS is an experimental pop band, that combines the energy of pop songs with the sounds of modern jazz. A celebration of musical freedom, by one Dutch guy (Arthur) and three Germans (Stefan, Toby and Toby). Stefan and Arthur started it around 2015, released a soundscapy debut album in 2018, added two crazy jazz horns with effects in 2019, and now are waiting for the travel bans to be lifted so they can get together again.