Arthur Adam | New band: The Vain Travail
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New band: The Vain Travail

New band: The Vain Travail

I joined/co-founded a new band! The Vain Travail! We have a debut EP (All is quiet) on Spotify, beautiful videos on youtube, and a full length concept album coming your way in November.

Their name deriving from the classic poem Whoso list to hunt by Sir Thomas Wyatt, The Vain Travail aim to catch beauty, but know that the road to beauty is often covered with vanity and aiming to please. So they aim to be timeless. This mindset results in intelligent and soothing songs, about derealization and finding your place in a world that you can no longer take for granted.

The Vain Travail are 5 experienced musicians from The Netherlands, working from their home studios scattered across the country. They started this project in 2018 as a new way of having a band: they had the same basic idea of what kind of band they wanted to be in, but no time for another source of endless rehearsals and band meetings. And that worked, albeit slowly.

When Covid-19 reached Europe and countries went in lockdown, The Vain Travail made the best of it: they didn’t have to change their method and had more time on their hands, so they started working on an album, for which the sketches, about derealization and finding your place in a world that you can no longer take for granted, seemed eerily appropriate.

File under: timeless melancholy music, Radiohead, Wilco, Elbow, Patrick Watson, Thomas Dybdahl, Bon Iver, ELO.